Some of us have pets that resemble a toddler after three shots of espresso while other fury friends spend their days meandering around the house seeking the perfect spot for a well-earned nap. With 61% of Australian households owning a pet, we have one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world. No two pets are the same therefore the needs of each pet owner will differ greatly when it comes to selecting window furnishings. By assessing your desired aesthetic and the unique needs of your pet there will undoubtedly be blinds or shutters to suit your situation and your budget.

What to avoid

Window furnishings are an investment in the aesthetic, security and energy efficiency of our homes. By choosing wisely we can avoid costly replacements and vet bills by avoiding the following:


Naturally, any fabric will be more difficult to clean than more durable materials like PVC or timber. Mud, saliva and urine can turn gorgeous curtains into a mess in a matter of moments. Floor length curtains in particular are much harder to move out of the way of a boisterous dog and make for an adventurous climbing wall for cats. Long flowing fabric not only makes for a comfy place to snooze and potentially get tangled but also tends to collect the most pet hair and dander. Consider choosing a combination of a treated fabric or PVC blinds with a valance to give you the elegant draped look without the hassle.

Blinds With A Cord

Wherever possible, avoid blinds with a cord and opt for motorised blinds. While we may be responsible and try to move cords out of reach, a playful pet may have other ideas and wind up tangled.

Certain Materials

A climbing cat or a pet with a chewing habit will make quick work of vinyl and aluminium Venetian blinds as they are two of the least durable blind options. Bamboo should also be avoided by pet owners as the appearance and texture make for an enticing chew toy or scratching post.

shutters are best for dogs
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Best options for dogs

The number one window furnishing recommendation for dog owners is shutters as they:

  • Provide an extra physical barrier between the window and your potentially overly excitable dog.
  • Allow you the option of adjusting the top and bottom panels to control light filtering into your home. You can leave the top open for light and close the bottom to prevent anxious dogs barking at people and animals outside.
  • Are the most durable and easy to clean of all window furnishings. The horizontal panels are more difficult for our dogs to chew, especially when closed.

If shutters don’t suit your personal style or budget, some other great options are cellular blinds and roller blinds, anything that can be cordless and moved out of reach is a safe option.

Best options for Cats

The best two options for cat owners are venetian blinds with a child safe chain fastened to the wall. The timber slats are easy to clean, straightforward to repair and more difficult to climb. Or you could also opt for cordless roller blinds, the flat surface is less enticing for your cat to scale and you avoid the risk of entanglement. Roller blinds are one of the most versatile options and will suit the majority of home designs.

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