Don’t Sacrifice Style For Security: Why Plantation Shutters Are a Great Option For Your Home

What are Plantation Shutters and why people love them

Plantation Shutters are a particular style of shutter that is attached to the inside or outside of a window frame, or can be installed along a track in outdoor areas and doorways to create a privacy barrier and weather shield. Plantation shutters can be constructed from a vast array of different timbers, faux wood or aluminium. The style originated in the southern states of America and were quickly favoured over glass louvres for their added security. The wider horizontal slats can be adjusted using the central vertical bar to maximise airflow, control how sun filters into a space and then shut completely for safety and insulation purposes. Plantation shutters are a timeless addition to your home as they fit seamlessly into most design styles from coastal to transitional.

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Difference between standard plantation shutters and security plantation shutters

Standard plantation shutters are typically constructed from wood, faux wood or PVC, while they can all have a locking mechanism installed, true security plantation shutters are made of highly durable aluminium. Shutters create a physical lockable barrier between the window and the interior of your home meaning as you prepare for bed you can lock all doors and shutters and sleep peacefully knowing you are safe from intruders. Plantation shutters add an extra layer of protection to your home when you are away as you have the ability to adjust the horizontal shades to close them completely creating a complete blackout shield that blocks the view to your home’s contents. If the glass in your window is broken either purposefully or from a storm or accident, your home still remains secure with locked plantation shutters.

More energy efficient

Because plantation shutters are custom fit to each window, they create a pocket of air between the window and the shutter itself. This means that in the cooler months you can close the shutters and the heat from inside the home cannot escape out the windows. It’s the same for cool air from your air conditioning in the warmer months. Wooden shutters can reduce heat in your home by 30%, while aluminium shutters reduce heat by approximately 27.5%, so you’re able to keep a temperate home just with a fan in the summer months. Your ability to adjust the direction of the louvres means that you are also able to create airflow in a particular direction and regulate the amount of sunlight filtering in. This versatility in controlling the temperature of your home will ultimately save you on your energy bills.

Image source: Creative Blinds

Improved home value

Due to their elegant and polished design plantation shutters have maintained a timeless popularity. If you are looking to sell or rent your property, you’ll find that plantation shutters increase the value to your home. Potential renters or buyers in particular will most likely assess the condition of the windows, how easy the shutters are to clean, the added security and how the shutters will lower their energy costs. Plantation shutters add an air of luxury to a home and this excites both renters and buyers.

If you’re looking to increase the security of your home without sacrificing on style, plantation shutters could be the solution for you.

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