Keep the heat in: The best window furnishings to keep your home warm this winter

Why window furnishings make a big difference to the temperature inside your home

When we think of thermal insulation, foam or batts in our ceiling and walls springs to mind. But when it comes to heating our homes and reducing heat loss in the winter months, the window furnishings we choose can have a drastic impact on how much heat is retained. Up to ten times more heat can escape through single pane glass than an insulated wall. In lieu of replacing all the windows in your home with double or triple glazing, the next best option is to ensure your window coverings are well-fitted, creating an air pocket between the glass and covering. This air pocket will minimise heat from within the home escaping and prevent cool drafts from entering the home, reducing the need to rely on a heater and consequently reducing your energy bills.

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Cellular Blinds

Custom fitted cellular blinds are one of the highest rated energy efficient window furnishings currently on the market. In addition to the standard air pocket created between the back of the blind and the window pane, the blinds have an added air pocket within them. These geometric pockets or cells are honeycomb shaped (hence the name) and allow for an extra layer of thermal insulation. Cellular blinds are available in both single and double cell, depending on your specific needs.

Thermal Curtains

Thermal curtains are double or triple layered curtains typically made from thermal materials such as cotton or wool. These thick layers are then backed with a vapour and UV resistant barrier, usually comprised of polyester. Not all curtains are made the same, so it is important to check the fabric composition and again, custom fitted curtains will always offer superior insulation to mass-produced curtains. For even greater insulation you can choose to layer thermal curtains over existing sheer curtains, Venetian blinds and roller blinds.

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Double Roller Blinds

Double roller blinds offer you the unique ability to maintain a physical barrier between your window and interior of your home during the day, without blocking out all light. Allowing for filtered sunlight during the day will help to warm the home, then as the sun begins to set, you can roll down the second shade creating a duel pocket. Roller blinds are extremely versatile with a vast array of fabrics available to suit your personal style, however, they must have a block out coating on the back to achieve maximum insulation. You can take it one step further and opt for motorised blinds with smart home technology that allows you to program your blinds to open or close at selected times of the day based on the time of year and your insulating goals.

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