There is no doubt that the last two years have led us to view our homes and the world differently than in previous years. Each year design trends are heavily influenced by the state of the world, pop culture and artistic movements, now more than ever the trend forecast for 2022 is largely emotive, with consumers chasing a feeling from their space. Subtle changes like upgrading window furnishings can make a large impact on your space. Here are our top 3 favourite design trends for 2022.

Grand Millennial

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Probably the most flamboyant and fun of all the current trends, grand millennial style sees many of us, particularly the younger generations, taking a leaf out of our great grandparent’s books and steering away from the world of fast fashion. We are curating a mix of second hand, inherited generational items and quality, new-made, lifelong pieces.

Also coined ‘Grandma Chic”, we are creating an elevated version of our grandmother’s house to play into the nostalgic feeling and make our space inviting and homely. Grand Millennial style lets us have more fun with our window treatments by opting for heavier linen curtains and roman blinds. Don’t be afraid to let your love of patterned fabrics show here, the whole premise of this style is to let your personality shine through and to be the antidote to minimalism.

Nature Inspired Elements and Textures

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Biophilic design encompasses human’s innate desire to be connected to nature, the movement heavily encompasses green spaces within our homes and creates almost an urban jungle vibe. In 2022 this trend is becoming more accessible as we recognise that the desire lies more in the need for natural elements within our home, warm wood textures, natural grounding stone floors and of course greenery. We are seeing the rejection of synthetic fabrics and elements as many begin to prioritise avoiding their impact on the environment and their health. To embrace this trend in your window treatments you can opt for natural wood Venetians blinds or organic fabric curtains to create texture. If you have embraced the modern indoor-outdoor design in your home you can opt for sleek, motorised blinds that allow you privacy and light control but can retract to a clean, undetectable line allowing you to embrace the organic flow of your design.

Warmth: Shades of brown

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When it comes to trending colour palettes we are letting go of cool, all white everything and adopting anything that boasts warmth. Shades of brown are finally having their biggest moment again since the 70’s. We are embracing deep chocolate brown, camel, caramel and baileys. After spending so much time at home and experiencing a host of less favourable emotions we are craving warm and inviting spaces that envelope us. To create this feeling within the design we can opt for layering textures such as bamboo blinds under fabric drapes, or in our bedrooms and living spaces we can choose double hung curtains to help mute harsh sunlight and create soft, muted light that accentuates this warm palette.

Your home should be a representation of your personality and your space should feel inviting and evoke positive emotions. Regardless of your personal style the overarching trend of 2022 is to embrace quality and aim for longevity in your design choices.

 Your Fashionline Team.

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