What is the difference between a security door and a safety door? And if you’re in South Sydney, why do you need to know? Find out from our expert and Fashionline member Macarthur Home Improvements.

Some key differences are the style, design and colour to suit your home but both security doors and safety doors provide key benefits and limitations that you need to be aware of to make an informed decision.

Safety Door

safety door or also commonly known as a screen door, provides you with an aluminium frame, aluminium grill design and colour for your home. Although the appearance is nice, the door only adds as a deterrent to potential unwanted visitors.

Aluminium is sturdy but not unbreakable and if accompanied by standard fly-mesh it can easily be torn or broken.

Security Door

security door provides you with added strength, ideal for entrances of your home to protect against unwanted visitors. With a reinforced aluminium frame, the door is accompanied by a stainless steel woven mesh and a triple-lock to ensure unwanted visitors cannot enter when locked.

The stainless steel woven mesh has been developed and tested by Macarthur Home Improvements, security door experts in South Sydney, as one solid piece. The mesh is so strong, it does not require an added aluminium design. The door offers a clean-cut look to your home.

What are the benefits vs limitations of each option?

Learn more about the differences and benefits of each here.

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