The Difference Between Blockout Blinds, Sunscreen Blinds & Translucent Blinds

Davidsons Blinds and Shutters in Ballarat explain, in a post from their news section, the differences between popular blind types. Read an excerpt here and visit their site for the full break down. It’s well worth a read before you take the plunge to buy your new set of blinds.

What’s The Difference Between Blockout Blinds, Sunscreen Blinds and Translucent Blinds?

When building, buying or renovating your home you experience a wide range of emotions. While it is a very exciting time, the amount of decisions you need to make can become overwhelming, some of these decisions will involve what type of blind you should use. Years ago this decision was much easier because there weren’t as many options, but today you are fortunate to have a wide range of beautiful indoor window furnishings available.

The Indoor Blinds you choose can have a huge impact on the look and feel of your home, so we would like to help you decide by explaining the types of custom made indoor blinds we make.

1. Blockout Blinds – also called Blackout

Blockout fabrics completely block out the amount of sunlight entering your room, keeping your home shaded all year long.

Blockout fabrics are a wonderful option for rooms requiring complete darkness and increased privacy, making these blinds perfectly suited to bedrooms, theatre rooms, studies and bathrooms.

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