Alfresco entertaining is a major part of Australian living. With so many options for sun protection and outdoor blinds, we want to help our customers choose the right blind. Often we get asked what is the difference between Zipscreen and Ziptrak® and which one is better? Both are great systems but have different strengths and weaknesses. A review of the differences is important before you make a decision.Zipsreen Outdoor Blinds Image Source: StanBond

Zipsreen Outdoor Blinds Image Source: StanBond

To help you choose we are sharing this blog post from our Adelaide Fashionline Member, Andrew Earles at StanBond, who has kindly made this list of differences between major track guided outdoor blinds to help you with your decision.

It covers the manufacturing, history, weather, benefits, aesthetics and pros and cons of each product. Zipscreen and Ziptrak are very similar, but the slight differences may indicate which is more suitable for your needs and circumstances.

Andrew has even done a quick video of these differences for you, so click here to read on and see the video.